Friday, October 26, 2007


For a girl that is not a big fan of football, I am off to another Illinois football tomorrow. One thing that fans do is they "tailgate". This is where you bring food and drink and chairs and tables and open your car trunk and eat and party. "Tailgating" is a BIG deal for some people and they go all out with barbecue and beer, for one. They arrive early and enjoy themselves, go to the game and come back and party some more. We are not that serious of a tailgater....we usually bring chicken wings, salads, beer, and brownies. This is a picture of the parking lot where we tailgate.... You might notice in the background, the cranes by the football stadium. They are remodeling part of the stadium. On one crane they have the Illinois flag and the other is the American flag....these seemed very high to me until yesterday's photo!!
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  1. Have fun - it looks like a great day!!!

    In Australia tailgating is when you drive too close behind the car in front!!!

  2. Phew....a more 'grounded' picture, compared to yesterday's. Jules beat me to the comment I was going to leave. Doesn't matter what you call it...all sounds like F.U.N.

  3. The only time I've seen this in the UK is at the rugby games, which are much more friendly than our football games. The only thing to go on in car parks at football games is shouting, chanting and general rowdyness. And as sad as it is football violence at times.

    So when I see this I wish it could be like that over here.. far more friendly and more of a family friendly way.

  4. Since I do't go to games I've never been to a tailgate party but it sounds like fun and I see lots of "tailgate" recipes that sound really good.

  5. Have fun and enjoy the game!
    Loved to see the view from your side bedroom window.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Have a happt footbal watch, I hope you could find a parking spot?

    Who won?

    I posted some funny cows. Have agreat weekend:)

  7. A great way to have some fun on a Fall day. Hope your team won...

  8. Hi Neva, thanks for your nice comment on my blog!

    PS: I can't understand why you did not got my e-mail about the showcase. I sent two times to that address:
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    I saw on Google a site that show how to create a screenshot:

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    Have a nice weekend!

  9. I hear that Va Tech and WVU could rival all tailgate parties! I have never tailgated but I have it on good authority, (from the sons brother-in-law, and mom), that they are both reknowned of their tailgating status! I still can't believe that my mom is a fairly regular tailgater at Va Tech! Granted there is a wide variety between tailgating with the "alumni" vs with the "students". I have it on good authority from some of Tommy's friends that are now all turning 30 that "it takes a lot longer recovery time now and I never had trouble with that when I was at college!"

  10. Jules said "In Australia tailgating is when you drive too close behind the car in front!!!"

    In the UK it means that here too.

    Your nicer version goes on at some events such as race meetings or horse shows -- we did it once at an air-show -- don't know that it had a name as such -- just kinda called it "picnic-ing out of the car!"

  11. I too think of driving too close when I hear 'tailgating'.

    Do other fans "crash" into "tailgater
    's" parties (gatecrashers)? Sorry, couldn't resist this bad pun.


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