Saturday, October 27, 2007

Queen of all Saints Basilica

This is one of the Basilica's in the Chicago area. There are 60 basilica's in the United States and 3 in the state of Illinois. This is where my husband grew up and went to church.
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PS The score for the football game: University of Illinois-28
Ball State University-17. Go Illini!!


  1. Beautiful architectural lines - makes a great silhouette.

  2. The area looks so well kept, so clean, The doorway is very nice, I can see myslf walking around there taking many pictures. I followed the link and read about the place.

    Thanks for your nice comment over at my place, it good to have a giggle.

  3. That's one of the thongs I miss most here in Portugal. Those huge grren lawns sorrounding buildings.
    This photo made my mind flow back to South Africa.
    Loved the photo.

  4. This looks to be a sunny day out.

  5. What was the final score in the football?
    Not only a beautiful building, but what a breathtaking setting....all that lovely green space around the church sets it off.

  6. Cabacurl took the words out of my mouth. May we have a pic of the interior of the Church, please?

  7. Beautiful architecture and a perfect green field in front of it.

  8. Congrats... and that is a lovely church. Its so stately.

  9. Nice building and a nice photo. I too followed the link and read up. I like to know details so knowing there are 60 basilicas in the US was interesting.

    Thanks, Ms Neva, for your kind words on my blog. I had not subscribed to comments when I left a comment on Weboj's (Q8) blog entry about the jug shaped water dispenser. So I would not have known that you had left a comment in response. But I appreciate it that you also left the comment on my blog. I recently learned about the 'subscribe' feature and have begun to use it. By that I mean, I check the box right above the orange "publish your comment" button.


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