Monday, October 15, 2007

Pumpkin patch

While we were out and about Saturday, we saw this pumpkin patch. I am not a farmer but I don't recall having seen White pumpkins before seeing these....I am sure they are just a different variety.....but they caught my eye.
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  1. I've heard those white pumpkins called ghost pumpkins, Neva.

    Love your eight Random Facts! Mama and I just finished watching tonight's episode of DWTS. We're totally, happily addicted and have been since season one! So is my Aunt Baker way down in Puckett, Mississippi, and our little widow buddy Lucy in Belzoni, Mississippi. We talk on our cell phones about it every week, like school girls discussing Friday night's dance.

  2. White or no white, I hate pumpkins. But my wife hasn't given up hope of putting me eating pumpkin soup.

  3. Great shot! Pumpkin pie is fantastic around Thanksgiving & Christmas! It just doesn't feel right to eat it at other times of the year.

    Thanks for visiting my NorthBayPhot blog.

  4. I was told that the picture I have of my self on my blog looks like a helloween pumpkin.. or one of those heads from Easter island... ha!

    I have never tasted pumpkins but I was given some tips on making pumpkin pies and intend doing so this year.

  5. oh what a coincidence! I came home yesterday and found my husband had picked out a white pumpkin to put out on our porch! I was surprised too!

  6. Through the wonderful world of blogging I learn something new every day. Never heard of white pumpkins.

  7. I had never seen white pumpkins either. I like "variety". :-)

  8. I already had seen white pumpkins before.

    Thank you for your visits to my "With Images".
    Miss Neva, the texts aren't quotes, they are original texts from my blog guests, including the great Quintino.
    But doesn't meter, the important is that you like.

  9. We call it Pumpa in Swedish.

    Yo! I've tagged you! Now you're it!
    Check my Wednesday post for to see what to do!

  10. I love pumpkins, and adore pumpkin soup!!!!

    In PNG we call them "pamkens"

  11. Today's post on Hyde Daily Photo is Pumpkins Galore and I've included links to more than sixty pumpkin posts on blogs around the world including your own. Happy halloween to everyone.

  12. I used a white pumpkin for my Thanksgiving decoration.
    Happy Halloween
    cheers from Canada


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