Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Our First Frost....

Our first frost.....Simon was not sure what to do about it..He has been in Texas most of his life....I can hardly wait until it snows to see how he does!
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  1. It must be confusing for him. Great shot of him contemplating the view.

  2. je comprend, il doit se demander ce que c'est ;o) quand la neige viendra, il jouera avec plaisir dedans (j'espère avoir de la neige cette année à Évry).

    I understand, it must ask itself what it is ;O) when the snow comes, it will play inside with pleasure (I hope I have the snow this year in Evry).

  3. Nice picture.. we have yet to have a frost, Simon will love the snow, I've never known a dog the dosen't.
    Simon Looks like a Pointer, is he?

  4. No, No! We don't want frost just yet - but I guess we have no choice! Great capture, Simon looks rather curious. :) My dog likes to jump in the air and catch snowballs - oh well, better get the warm gloves looked out.

  5. It was 20 here in the mountains of VA yesterday, made for some nice photos of frosted flowers, even put Mollys coat on for our morning walk.
    Nice shot

  6. Brrrr... it's been frosty here too!

  7. Life of a dog!! Everything is fun and amusing. How bad can it be?

  8. Frost.. too early, but no way to avoid winter. Poor Simon, I bet that must have been strange for him. :) I hope you'll post photos when the snow comes. :)

  9. I used to have a dog that looked like that. Thanks for jogging some old memories.

  10. Aaww. Lovely photo. Kisses to Simon! :D

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  11. Hi simon!!!!

    hat a sweet dog you are!!!!

    You can walk there without any doubt, ask your mommy/boss, she will tell you that's ok!!!

    great shot + text:)

  12. Great shot! Oh poor Simon, he's a Texas doggie hu? ,-)



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