Friday, October 5, 2007

Harvest Day Mass

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Our church celebrated a Harvest Day/Saint day Mass. It was obviously outside and this was one of those times my husband could not believe I was going to "whip out my camara" during MASS and take a I waited until almost the end--notice the empty chairs in front of me!


  1. not many folk like to sit in the front row for some strange reason ;]

  2. husband gets paranoid even if i mention the word camera these days!!!

  3. Not being Catholic, how would I know of such if you hadn't "whipped out your camera". My husband says I'm going to get arrested with my camera!

  4. Are you a Catholic, Neva ? (I am).

    I have already taken photos at the beginning or the end of the mass.

    Your post makes me want to post photos of our priests and our bishop (he is very simple and sometimes participate in "parties" with us).

  5. Fantastic photo. Great that you had such a lovely day for the ceremony!

    Thanks for visiting my NorthBayPhoto blog.

  6. Well done...
    The little girl next door had her first Harvest Festival yesterday, all the school went to the local church, her mum and dad took time off from work so they would not miss it. She came home later and told me and Jane all about it, she said she had to hold up a carrot and sing.. how nice is that.

  7. We celebrate our Havest Full Moon day on 15th Aug. in lunar calendar. That's why we put 'full moon' together.


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