Tuesday, July 10, 2007

An Angled street

This is the angled street that I tried to get here! Oh well...practice and all that...what is missing in this one?
The umbrellas over the table. A storm..or so they thought!
The train tracks are to the right in this picture. The new condos are at the end of the angled street. The bar is the building with the red roof.Click to enlarge and you will see a biker on the right toward the condos. Beetle, the red brick on the sidewalk is just decoration but I loved your comments!
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  1. Lovely Shot! i love the cloud and seems like your street not painting much as we have very full painting for the drive direction,zebra cross etc

  2. The Uptown Cafe looks like a nice spot to sit and have a cappuccino!

  3. I like this photo. It seems like the place to be seen.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  4. tu es sur que c'est un velo, on dirait un tricycle. ok avec lori, j'irais bien prendre un cappucino dans ce bar.

    you are on it is a bicycle, one would say a tricycle. ok with lori, I well would take a cappucino in this bar.

  5. I was going to say people were missing. Didn't see any on the streets. Nice shot.

  6. Yep there was an ominous cloud coming so they ripped the umbrellas down and everyone vacated. I will try to get a shot when the commuters are off the train....VERY different! thanks for the comments!

  7. First, thanks for your visit and comment on Blogtrotter.
    Second, I loved your pictures. It's amazing to find out how Chicago suburbs may be so different from the main city itself...


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