Thursday, July 26, 2007

A jewelry store

 This is the front of the building (a jewelry store) with the can almost see the pay phone on the side of the building! It looks like an angled street but it really isn't....that would be me not pointing and shooting straight!
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  1. j'aime cette architecture en brique. (le centre ville d'evry est fait d'immeuble en brique)

    I like this brick architecture. (the centre town of evry is made of brick building)

  2. I've found that to "point and shoot" is not as easy as it sounds.
    I think my next toy will be a tripod.

  3. Nice photo. I like the idea of angle parking on the street.

  4. Rich building: crystal, jewelry, lofts condominium agency aside...
    Also like the lamps!
    Thanks for your comments to Blogtrotter

  5. Love the architecture of this building - although being a jewelry- nut any jewelry store is interesting to me!!!!

  6. That's a nice building. A little different from the usual jewelry shops. But then again, I guess I can say the same for the ones we have here in Norwich.

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