Friday, July 27, 2007

An Inverness Cemetery

Posted by Picasa town doesn't have much but we do have a cemetery....and this one happens to be near a subdivision.

This cemetery was established around 1838 on the Cady family farm. It was deeded to Palatine Township in approximately 1856 by the Cady family. It is located behind what was once the Cady farm orchard.
It is privately owned and I am not sure when the first and last person was buried here but somewhere in the mid 1800's. It is accessible if you have a key or want to crawl over the gate or go through the bushes in the back....looks kinda sad now.


  1. un cimetiere de 1838 !! celui d'evry est des années 1960. sans être morbide, j'aime beaucoup me promener dans les vieux cimetieres, avec une preference pour les cimetieres russes.

    a cemetery of 1838!! that of evry is years 1960. without being morbid, I like much to walk in the old cemeteries, with a preference for the Russian cemeteries.

  2. Cemeteries are such fascinating places. Nice photo.

  3. I haven't gotten round to wandering the cemetaries here in New Orleans. But I love to look at the dates and names on the tombstones and make stories in my head about them.

    --steve buser
    New Orleans Daily Photo
    Counting down to my 100th photo posted this week.

  4. You have stirred my curiosity! Who are the Cady family? What does the farm look like? Have you ever been in the cemetary? Would they let you have the key if you asked? The gates are beautiful and it looks like a pretty place.

  5. Not sure why someone would want to get in unless they had family in there but nice shot. I love doing research on my family history.

  6. Makes me want to get in under the gate and look around. Although on second thoughts - it does look a little scary - any ghosts around??

  7. Great shot. It may look a little sad but it looks like it is still maintained which is nice to see, since some cemetaries are left to overgrowth if they are old and forgotten.

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  8. I am not a cemetery "goer" for close family, but I love to look at really old cemeteries....some of the best are in New Orleans, Steve...very interesting tour...I highly recommend it....I don't know too much about the family of this cemetery....obviously the land I live on used to be a farm...they do maintain this property as far as mowing but that is about all and I believe it is the townships responsibility to do that. The only ghosts are the ones that the family ....that this is in their backyard....put up on Halloween. I have never been inside the gates as I would never trespass (plus the gate is too high and the bushes have not for me!)lol.


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