Friday, July 6, 2007

Palatine Train Station

This is the closest train station to my was moved from across the street to this new facility when the community decided to do a major face lift. If you hop on the train takes you 45 minutes to get to downtown Chicago....There is also a Starbucks here so if you didn't get your cappacino from the bar turned coffee shoppe you can always get it from Starbucks-although I find Starbucks to be too bitter for me....I LOVE a good cup of coffee, but NOT Starbucks...guess I am in the minority. !
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  1. We have Starbucks in Canada but Tim Hortons is the huge coffe player in Canada. (according to Stats Canada, Canadians on average drank over 86 litres of coffee last year).

    Great shot of a train station.


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