Friday, September 21, 2007

A well lit church

This is the Barrington United Methodist used to be very near my town but 10 years ago, it caught on fire. It didn't burn all the way to the ground but had much damage...Much consternation about what to do as it was a 100 year old building...considered a historical landmark...Eventually, since the building was sooooo old and the parishioners wanted to expand, they moved it out past me...just on the edge of Inverness. And I now drive by it once a week on my way to dog Obedience classes.
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  1. Hi Neva,
    Did you noticed the blog of Fenix (Boston) yesterday? She also wrote and publiced about a church, which is used NOW for 6o appartments , so funny....

    Thanks for your comments:)
    I posted a cows B&W collage today:)
    Have a great weekend !
    JoAnn :)

  2. I like this photograph Neva, and I like the story to go with it. I think it is great when a whole building can be moved.
    I hope you have a great weekend doing what ever you do at the weekend. Thank you for swopping comments with me this week, I look forward to them each day. All the best.

  3. It's "kindda" cute. You are a heck of a photographer, Neva.

  4. Good nightshot and I like the story.
    Have a nice weekend.

  5. It makes a pretty picture! Maybe you could show it in daylight also.

  6. Lovely picure! The car lights and the bell tower light against the grey clouds... Great job!

  7. Nice photo. I like the light on the steple.

  8. p.s. has your dog learned anything yet?

  9. Here they pull down the churches. I like the idea of moving a whole church!


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