Saturday, September 29, 2007

How to get into a cemetery

I just want you to be clear on how much fun this was, breaking the law. This is the path I had to take to get to the rusted, broken fence where I could hop over to get pictures of the inside of the cemetery.
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  1. The theme from "mission impossible" comes to mind ... can't wait to see what you discovered.

  2. Hope you didn't ladder your stockings!

  3. I love these photos, leading up to your photo(s) from inside the cemetery. Anticipation reigns.

    Thanks for visiting Portland (OR) Daily Photo--I'm much better today. One of the great things about the two routes I walk part-way to work is that at any time I get winded or it starts to sprinkle, I can catch a bus at the next stop; that bus takes me quickly to the stop where I board the bus that takes me across the river to where I work.

  4. Oh oh , great spirit of adventure. I often did that when I was a little girl and sometimes I was faced to aggressive bulls. ;-)

  5. Not everyone is so desperate to get into a cemetery, that they have to hop the fence!
    If you wait long enough, you can get carried in!!! LOL

  6. HaHa, I like ex-shammickite's comment!
    Down south there is a saying that the best watermelons are stolen. Maybe this applies to pictures taken on private property also. lol

  7. Haha! Me too Dot!
    I also think yo should behave Neva( smile!) Was it worth it? I cheated maybe, because I saw the post after this one.....

    JoAnn greetings:)


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