Thursday, September 13, 2007

Something to ponder...


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When I was in China Town, I noticed this train building across from where I was and snapped a picture.....30 seconds later a siren went off and then it started to MOVE up! (To my knowledge, there is no river or bridge here....seems like it is in the middle of nothing)I have never seen this before... I thought maybe a train was coming....nope.....I thought maybe it would turn.....again, nope....and then as soon as it got to the middle(?)...the sirens started again and down it came.....
pretty interesting while I was standing clue what was happening though...


  1. Very strange. Maybe it is the bridge of the Invisible Man :-))

    Neva, could you tell me whether I can grant the award to other bloggers now?

  2. Now this really is strange...I bet you get lots of comments and a theory or two as to what is going on.

    Thanks for the birthday greeting. it is good to be home...and I will be around to visit again. I've missed it.

  3. Great photos when enlarged ... my silly guess is that some very rich person wanted a house with a view on demand.

  4. I will be anxious to find out what this is about also. My husband is asleep or I'd ask him to come take a look.

  5. Invisible Man on the bridge?
    Some way they found to salute you as you passed by?
    A ghost from old days trying to call your attention?
    Who knows...
    By the way... we are missing your nice comments...

  6. Now you've got me intrigued. I HAVE to know the answer!

    Are there local authorities/ historians who can explain it?

    It's not haunted, is it!

    Keep smiling


  7. wow I wonder what that was all about?! I've never seen this happen, nor would have any clue re the sirens and such...

  8. I'm hoping someone have been to China Town frequently over the last year and this was the first time I noticed this...but I also wasn't photo blogging and looking for things to photograph so maybe I didn't notice it and it was summer...etc etc...but maybe someone will know or it will remain a mystery!

  9. Neva, I could understand if they built the bridge over a river that silted in or got grown over, But if no one or no thing wants to pass over, why would they raise the bridge? I guess there are stranger things, but not many.

    --steve buser
    New Orleans Daily Photo

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  11. Hi Neve,
    At first I thought it might have been a fixed crane, I have seen one of these somewhere but can't for the life of me think where and when.
    Anyhow I now think it is a 'Lift Bridge' maybe at the works loading or unloading of train wagons goes on and can then be shunted up to the main lines shown in your picture. The bridge would be raised to allow access to another part of the works when needed. What kind of works is it do you know Neva?

  12. Strange........maybe Denton is right.

  13. Neva,

    I googled "lift bridge" in China Town and found the following:

    Chicago has two vertical lift bridges like Duluth. One bridge is called the Torrence Ave. bridge. It is by China Town. It opened for use in 1938 and spans 130 ft, is 58 ft wide, weighs 280 tons, and can be raised to a height of 155 ft above the Chicago River. The other bridge is at south Western Ave. and opened December 1942.

    Is it possible that the Chicago River was there and you couldn't see it?

  14. Not once did I think to goggle this...what does that say about ME the person who works in a LIBRARY!!!! OMG>..Thank you so much... and quite possibly there is a river there that I couldn't see.....

  15. How very interesting. Nice photos. The middle one is particularly well-composed and interesting.


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