Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Farmer's Market

This was the farmer's market in Madison.....the unusual thing about this is that the crowd moved in a counterclockwise movement and there was no way to go the other way without getting run over....it was a very nice market.....
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  1. Nice shot! So did you buy much at the market?

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  2. Cool, I love farmer's markets, like the repeating forms of the umbrellas.

  3. That reminds moi, i need to got o one, not only to buy produce but also to click a few pics :)

  4. Nice picture. Let me tell you, my dear friend (guess I can treta you like that), I'm learning something about your country with this photos. For instance, about keeping the tradition of markets.

  5. Ah ah you should see a French market. You keep bumping into people. French people are generally not disciplined at all :-))

  6. un beau marché. on y trouve que des produits des fermes ?

    a beautiful market. it is found there that products of the farms?

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  8. Hi Neve
    Love markets but I've never seen one so organised - do the people just walk like this or are there signs directing them - you people in Inverness are very well behaved !!!!

  9. Nb-we bought some "squeeky" cheese...the curds off the top that actually squeek when you eat them!
    Q-most every town has a type of "produce" market if you look for them.
    o-this was a very organized farmers market and they had all kinds of farm produce--corn, beans, cheese, dairy as well as meat, honey,and then things that are homemade such as bisicuts, coffee, sweet rolls, bread..One of the nicer markets I've been to!
    Lori_Thank you so very much for the Schmooze award!! I will pass it along!
    Jules- apparently we are like cows led to the slaughter!!lol

  10. Isn't that interesting. I'm sure it would be my instinct to go around clockwise.


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