Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Two Inverness Dogs


This is a special photo for JoAnn who nominated me for a blog award. For her and her Ios...here are 2 of the cutest dogs I know, Clancy and Gryffindor. Hope Ios is doing well!
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  1. Nice looking dogs. They look healthy and happy!

  2. Ohhhhhhh Neva!
    Thank you again Neva ! They are SO adorable!!!!Post as much as you want, I am so glad with this 2 healthy looking dogs (also BS dog, like IOS) such as Gryffindor, My dog 'IOS-je' (Ios is name of my Bernese mountain dog) :( "Tear of me" has to go THIS Thursday (30th) to the VET again, with the POOR dog. Thanks for showing me this PLAYING DOGs! Its helping me...

    NO, IOS Is NOT doing well yet (THANKS 4 asking) but with the support of you and some others, I feel really the strenght I need to help me (and IOS) Through this painfull time. I'll let you know how she doing soon...OK?

    By the way I am positive always,in thinking and always see the "bright site of life" ! So I can laugh also , humor is GOOD.

  3. Felicitation pour ton 'blog award'. ils sont tres beaux ces deux chiens

    Congratulation for your “blog award”. they are very beautiful these two dogs

  4. i too love dogs and i really hope, IOS does well soon, Joann

  5. These are very nice dogs who look good together. I like this photo.

    I came to say, "Thanks," for your visit and comment.

  6. Very cute doggies. They seem to like each other a lot. :)

  7. They look sweet. I wish I had a dog!

  8. Nice shot of the dogs having fun.

    Thanks for visiting my NorthBayPhoto blog.

  9. I'm a dog lover too and this is such a happy photo!!!!


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