Wednesday, August 29, 2007

"F" is for flowers

I am trying to follow ABC Wednesdays and today is the letter "F". I pass this restaurant everyday on the way to work @ 6:45 am and there is always a gentleman out tending to the flowers which go around the entire building. Seemed a good day to stop and take a picture but he declined his picture being taken as he was "working" and not properly dressed!
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  1. beau jardin, un feu d'artifice de couleur

    beautiful garden, a fireworks of color

  2. Beautiful picture! I hate that he declined having his picture taken. Just makes me more curious!
    Glad you joined in on ABC Wednesday. If you will go to MrsNesbitts she will link to you on her blog.

  3. This reminds me of my dad's garden. He is a keen gardener and has a stunning display each year. he builds waterfalls and beds and gazebos etc - very clever guy!!!!

  4. Wonderful colours... as for "monsieur" what do you mean with "not being properly dressed"? Was he in is shorts? :::))))

  5. your neck of woods is lovely , Neva :)

  6. Oh, Neva, you have to get up really early!!!!

    Beautiful flowers. What a shame that the gardener didn't want to appear on the photo. Too shy.

    I don't know what ABC wednesdays are. I'll try to find :-))

    I love the other photos you published earlier. Inverness seems to be such a beautiful city. I love dogs but unfortunately I can't have one now.

    Thank you very much for your comment on my blog.

  7. Great to have you joining in with ABC Wednesday. I will add you to the blogroll over on my blog


  8. Nice photograph. THe work in the garden is well done.

  9. It is so much more inviting with all the flowers, if they care for the garden that well just think how good the food should be.

  10. Dot-thanks for the're the best!
    quintin0-he had on overalls and a bandana around his neck...very hard worker
    moi-it is very nice here
    Jules-you're dad sounds very talented in the husband plants and I weed....seems to work for us!
    Marie-ABC Wed is posting a picture every wednesday with the current letter. Mrsnesbitt handles wed it is the letter "G"'s fun!
    abe- love your comments!
    wom tigley-this is one of our places to eat after church on Sundays and it is wonderful....friendly, good and clean...
    north bay.....LOVE the alliteration!!

  11. You're right - your lamppost looks very similar to mine!
    Have fun at the taste of Madison - weather is supposed to be beautiful. We are off to western WI to spend 3 relaxing days with some friends at their cabin...well, about as relaxing as it can be with 6 children there...:)

  12. Hi Neva, I like this loooong line of bordered flowers they are so beautiful and look se sweet!

    We have flowers all over in the front in the back where ever you look!

    :0 JoAbb

  13. Hi Neva,
    very colorful floral photo! i usually plant an annual fall/winter patio garden but am not so great with maintaining the florals.i usually pick the sturdier green ones that don't require gardening skills.


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