Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Inverness swimming hole

Normally, there is no water in this ditch except when it rains and the ditch delivers it to the wetlands beyond us. Unfortunately, all the rain we had has made this a lovely place for Clancy to swim.....He pondered it for a moment but only for a minute and then he was in! I don't think anyone would mind him cooling off...I am usually a well-behaved dog owner, but this was too much fun to not do.
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  1. Beautiful house, in Portugal I'm waiting for the summer.

  2. All you need now Neva is some ducks.
    I look forward to sharing comments with you again this coming week.

  3. The world's weather seems to have gone mad!This should be our dry season where I am.What fun for Clancy!

  4. Is that a pool for mosquitos to?
    Nice lawn...

  5. Go Clancy!!! Bet he shook himself all over you when he got out!!!!

    What do dogs like more than water - DIRTY water!!!!

  6. Hi Neva,
    Again a great impression of your surrounding and the beloved dog!

    By the way:
    Pick up your nomination from ME, I gave you an award, for.... just look read WHY and see.Thank you!


  7. Great photos. At least the puppy is happy with all of the rain.

    Thanks for visiting my NorthBayPhoto blog.

  8. How cute. I'm sure he had a great time in the water!

  9. oh my gosh, that's a lot of water! I hope you all are dried off by now!

  10. wom-we usually have Canadian geese around here but not with Clancy around!
    q-When Clancy jumped in, it was like a dust cloud taking off from the water of mosquitoes....yuck!
    Jules-yep, he shook DIRTY water all over me..also yuck!
    Jo-ann-thanks for the nomination! you are so sweet. I posted a pic just for you on my other blog!
    Nbp-this puppy is unable to be anything but happy..he is a busy boy.
    lori--loved loved loved the yucky water!
    bc-we haven't dried out yet....gushy grass..ick.

  11. WOW! Lots of rain! It's raining here right now. Happy dog. :-D


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