Wednesday, August 15, 2007

another view of the cross.

This is different every place you stand...I hope you can see the arm extending from it. If you would like to see how a professional would photograph this, here is where you can go to see a really good "up close" picture with a bit of history.
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  1. Hi Neva, I am sorry for not getting around sooner but had to take my wife back to the radiologist today and then came home after shopping for groceries and at home the Coopers Hawk came around and I spent most of the afternoon taking pictures of that bird. I will show a piece of him tomorrow morning.

    I like your cross picture and the picture you took inside the church.


  2. The photograph that you took Miss Neva, me in a church,

    A feeling is settled down to the splendor of your photograph.

    I can watch your a lot of|a lot of photographs and feel glad. Thank you.

  3. I call the dog of the black color that you keep, the name Clancy. It is a good name.

    In Japan, temperature went 40 degrees today at Gifu and the place that said as of 14:00.

    In flash news of the television, I knew it. I sleep, and how is the temperature of that place ...?

    Then I leave in this today. Is Japanese; "さようなら" goodbye "sayounara..."

  4. The cross is really quite amazing and beautiful. You are right it does look different from every angle. It must reflect the light beautifully too. Thanks for these photos!

  5. I'm not a church goer Neva, but I do respect them. This church looks fantastic, I followed the link and the whole story about the cross. I found it very interesting indeed. Your pictures and the ones on the link are a joy to look at.

  6. Very interesting story about the cross and the church. Your photos are a joy to look at as well.

  7. Hello there;
    may I link you from my Images's blog?
    Greetings from Chile

  8. Oh...Neva,after I clicked the link you gave,I think i'm with you that I don't like this cross being inside this looks romantic church,my opinion,it just not match.The cross is gorgeous but it's just far too modern.

  9. Ooow, I clicked on the website , very nice cross, but I like your style more (the overview).

    Bye JoAnn

  10. It´s a wonderful church. I love it. What´s about the atbernacle? Is it from glass?


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