Thursday, August 16, 2007

Statues in the church

 These are new. This used to be where the baptismal font was located but they had a lot of trouble with the water turning green(I don't think that is supposed to happen in a catholic church!) so they got rid of it and put these up.
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  1. elles sont belles ces statues, voila une superbe eglise. j'adore

    they are beautiful these statues, veiled a superb church. I adore

  2. Like the visit, clearly that the water is not presumption to be green.

  3. Lovely interior,Neva...somehow I love being inside not so HUGE church like ours in Cologne caused every time I'm inside the church in size like yours here...I found its more romantic and thanks for sharing the inside I felt like I was there...any idea why the water turned green?

  4. Uhh I don't really understand: why are the statues there,Because they were there the water turned green?

    Anyway I like the idea of statues in a chhurch, that should be done more often, why not do that some more?

    I posted some more cows (in love haha)

    see you JoAnn

  5. When you posted the first photo of this church, I thought it was very small. Now I'm not so sure. How many will it seat?
    It looks beautiful. I've never been inside a Catholic church.

  6. This is a fairly large church for a new, modern church. I would guess it can hold 1000 but I Might be wrong.
    And why the water turns green....I also guess it was lack of chlorine but since you can't put that in holy water then good ole bacteria....there's a happy thought!

  7. I like the story of the green water in the church :-)) Who are these people represented by the statues? Have a great weekend!

  8. What a great church - so modern and so attractive.

    Maybe the water should have been changed more regularly. Adding a few drops of bleach always stops water going green - I use it here with my bowls of shells in water but I guess the babies wouldn't appreciate it!!!!

  9. I am not really sure who or what these statues represent. There is no marker with them. Thanks for all you comments and visits.


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