Saturday, August 4, 2007

Mommy robin

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Earlier in the summer, we had a robin's nest over our gazebo door. We moved it so the nesting material wouldn't keep falling on us as we walked in after they left the nest. We now have another nest in the same place and baby robins again. I need Abe here to take some photos cause the digital ain't doing it for me!(click on the picture to enlarge and see it better.)


  1. I SAW IT!! Really neat picture and I love your gazebo.

  2. That's a lovely gazebo. And hey, free music! Or are they too little to start singing?


    The Goddess In You

  3. Amazing animals...when they make up their mind it's a good is hard to change it.

  4. Just lovely!

    Your gazebo looks very inviting and cozy!


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