Tuesday, January 8, 2008

St. Alexius

This is the closest hospital to Inverness. I was here visiting a friend who has fallen and broken his hip. St. Alexius is run by the Alexian Brothers. They have two hospitals in the area. This one and their other one is called Alexian Brothers Medical Center. Yes, it is confusing. You just hope your ambulance driver knows the difference!(Only for speed...they are both excellent hospitals!)


  1. Nice looking modern building. I suppose the inside is new and modern looking also. I like the canted presentation.

  2. Your Health Service seems so different from ours... this hospital looks a beautiful place.
    Our local Hospital is called Tameside Hospital... but there's that many bad storys about the place it's nick name is Shameside. It would be funny if is was not true.

  3. A sad reason got you there, but the building looks beautiful!
    Health Service, I'm not so sure...

  4. You are acting well. Don´t ever regret helping a friend.
    Somehow I wasn´t unable to see the photo, but being one taken by Neva it can only be great.

  5. A wonderful pic of a beautiful building. I really love the variety of colors in this. I also like the lines on the building and how the angle of the pic adds interest to those horizontal lines.

  6. Neat looking hospital....and I really like the way you took the shot!

  7. Hello Inverness!
    I like your blog, too. This is a good shot. I had an ultrasound done for my last baby at this hospital.


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