Friday, January 4, 2008

An Inverness house

When this house was built, it was show cased in the local newspaper and had a very nice article about the architect. I didn't save the article but I wish I had. I don't remember the architect but he did a very nice job.


  1. j'aime beaucoup la boite aux lettres sous la neige, elle est mignonne comme cela. une belle photo avec une neige si pure
    I love the mailbox in the snow, it is pretty like that. A beautiful picture with a snow so pure

  2. Oh beautiful. Gorgeous house and look at that divine snow. Pristine white mailbox. That really makes the photograph. Love it.

    Your blog shows in the portal so it doesn't make sense you are not in the drop down menus. Sure Denton will sort it for you.

  3. You are now showing up in the drop down menus!

  4. It looks like a house I would see on a Christmas card.

  5. How beautiful is that? I love it, all wrapped in a white fluffy coat of crisp snow, gorgeous.

  6. The color of the photo is wonderful..

  7. That is a beautiful house! I'm jealous!

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  8. beautiful house, another prove that you live in a great place.

  9. That is an awesome house with fine traces. Good job done by the architect. On a classic style but good.
    As for the snow, it came from the skies...

  10. You live in a beautiful neighborhood. That home looks like it belongs on a greeting card.

  11. WOW! You got a LOT more snow than we do! Nice house, very cool.

  12. Big house! But I like the snow the most. I wish I had some here in Texas. :)

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  13. It does look like an interesting house! Here it is aropund 100 degrees F in middle of summer so feels strange looking at snow!

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  14. Nice house and landscape.
    Hope your neighbours are as fine as their home.

  15. I wish you happy New Year and thank you for your visits my blog!
    You have a real winter there, but we are without snow. Frosts came a couple days ago and a white frost gives a little winter feeling, but this is quite unusual here.
    You have a beautiful neighbourhood.

    All the best to you and your family in 2008!

  16. Oh this photo is beautiful. And so is the house.

    And, you captured some snow flakes! Wow!


  17. Wonderful house! Love this atmosphere!


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