Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Power lines

Many places have power lines that are under ground. These are obviously not underground.


  1. Same here. Everything is on poles. And naturally, heavy snow and ice are worrisome.

    But guess what? A blogger said that she had troubles with her power in very cold weather... she figured the cold messed with the power lines which are laid underground!

    So then, I stopped be totally *jealous* of all those underground power lines. -grin- But, they don't go down in wind storms, which our over head ones can.

    Can't win, can we? ,-)

    But, it is a beautiful photo of the marshmallow snow!


  2. You made yours look good. Mine are just in my way.

  3. Wow...you have a lot of snow! We have power lines above ground in part of our neighborhood...and below ground in part. I wish they were all below ground....they do get in the way sometimes.

  4. I like the snow on the trees best.

  5. haha. yes!
    They look as though they are so close to the trees. If so, that could be dangerous (Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me).

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  6. Power lines can sure ruin a good picture when you don't want them there.
    Beautiful snow pictures!

  7. what a beautiful picture! and wow, it must be hard for power lines to survive the winter in the mid-west.


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