Saturday, January 26, 2008

An Old House

I pass this house on my way to work is considered a historical landmark as it was built in 1875 or somewhere near there....


  1. Work? You don't go to work do you, really? I mean I would guess you would be parked in the living room, with steaming coffee in one hand, a slice of toast in the other, and you would be smiling, looking through the lace curtains at the poor folks passing by, slipping and sliding on their way to work. You surely are not part of that crowd are you?

    I hope I woke you up. LOL

    It is a nice house. I thought at first it had been remodeled and the front porch included or covered over. If that is the case then it was well done. Still it looks like it is begging for a front porch. The kind that wraps around the house.

  2. Abe really as me a laughing at times Neva..
    I love this building.. but do agree with Abe about the porch.. I have come to like this style very much because of blogging.

  3. I like that red door. A porch would look nice, but then the owner would have to sweep snow off.

  4. Rambling round made me laugh. I agree with Abraham, that beautiful house needs a porch in order to look perfectly American! :-)

  5. Thats a beautiful house, you are lucky to have such great houses in your area.

  6. Beautiful house, Neva, and well preserved too! Love the snow on sidewalk!

  7. That's a beautiful house. I just caught up. Sorry I was not able to visit regularly recently.

    I want to give you the YMMD (You Mae My Day) award. Please visit hyderabad dp for the rules. :)

  8. Abe-you are pretty funny!I could certainly do more blogging if I didn't work!!
    Tom _I like this type of house as well...lovely to look at.
    RR-I have always thought a porch would be nice on this.
    Maire-RR made me laugh too!
    marley-we do have some lovely houses....I should show you some others as well....
    sonia-we get lots of snow on the sidewalks!
    Hyberdad-thank you very much!
    Quint-always a pleasure to see you!

  9. Sorry again for having been a bit absent, but my week was too hectic...
    I'm always impressed with houses, but I don't think I would love to live in one; maybe being too urban...
    Thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter
    Have a great week!

  10. Lovely. With a tower even. So glad it is well loved and taken care of.



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