Monday, September 8, 2008

Where are all the people?

What struck me about this photo, is the lack of people. In the 4 years that my son has lived there, all I have heard about is how many people are everywhere! Not so much in this photo....I would say that is unusual just on any given day nevermind that is was the OLYMPICS!!


  1. j'aime bien le gros panda. Les jeux para-olympiques viennent de commencer, c'est une autre très belle fête.
    I like the big panda. The para-Olympic games have just begun, is another great feast.

  2. I wonder since the government has by now put everything back on normal if their pollution is back to normal again?

  3. Maybe it is a security shut down???

  4. Probably inside keeping cool! I have that panda mascot at home. It was a souvenir hubby bought for me during his trip.


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