Saturday, September 13, 2008


Can you see the raindrops on the table? It is supposed to rain here for a few days thanks to Hanna and Ike....and we need the rain so I am not complaining but I hate to risk my camera getting wet taking shots!
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  1. It was raining here today too and is suppose to rain again tomorrow.

  2. We've had plenty of rain here in the UK and I've certainly taken less photos this year.

  3. Neva, nice shot and yes I can see those raindrops. Like you I worry about my camera getting wet. Sometimes I walk near to the sea or near a fountain - same problem.

    we had rain last night - first since May - so we are lucky except it came with hailstones and that's not good news for such a parched landscape.

  4. Greetings from Joensuu!
    Leaves of birches are getting yellow colors and the sky is grey, night frosts are here too, we are going to a winter very fast.

    Your photo is just fine with those raindrops.

    Have a good beginning week, Neva!

  5. hello Neva,
    I am so glad this day (sunday) was 1 dry day! but its a great picture...Happy weekend :)

    Greetings for your dogs from Ios (my dog)

    Hug from JoAnn

  6. You'll have to keep your camera in a plastic bag! Do you get a lot of weather from the tail end of the storms?

  7. We are kind of in a drought situation in California. Glad you are getting some much needed rain.

  8. il ne nous manque que le bruit de la pluie sur la table.....

    it does lack the sound of rain on the table ....

  9. A reasonable amount of raindrops is fine, perhaps not the "Ike-way"!

  10. This one is amazing ... did you try a close up?

    Ferreira-Pinto a.k.a Quinttarantino coming from lenses and visions

  11. Fantastic shot! We've been having severe rains in India too!


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