Sunday, September 28, 2008

A foggy morning

We have had such nice weather but this was how it looked around 6 in the morning....and then it became a very beautiful day.
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  1. Snap! We've had mornings like this, and then bright sunny days :)

  2. I love foggy mornings as long as I dont have to drive.

  3. looks surreal but quite lovely. great shot.

  4. Wow, were you walking the dogs at 6AM. I'll still be in bed. My dog hates getting up early.

    Regarding your recent comments on my blog. Your son & daughter sure do a lot of traveling to Asia.

  5. brouillard du matin, soleil l'après-midi ;o)

    fog in the morning sun in the afternoon ;o)

  6. Oh yes, foggy mornings became into great sunny days.

    Sorry for not being visiting as often as I wished.
    For the moment by I'll have to pay a weekly visit.
    I'm real sorry.

  7. That's a beautiful enchanting mystical morning.

  8. Those foggy mornings are rare here but we had one this past Sunday. I thought it was raining or had rained and then realized it was moisture from the fog. By Noon or before, it was a nice day but not nearly as nice as your photograph is.

  9. wow Neva!!!
    This is really foggy eeh? The ogs seems to like it, however fogg is better than the heavy rain we have here this week,, ooof IOS my dog hates the rain, snow is fine and fog but not the rain NEH!

    Hug for the doggies also from IOS,

    watch my post about ou SAILING TRIP from last weekend, and on wednesday :"Kinderdijk" 19 dutch mills/legend here:

    Greetings JoAnn

  10. I think I have to start going to bed earlier! I have almost forgotten what a morning like this looks in real!

  11. Love the fog and animals in the field. Very picturesque.


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