Monday, September 1, 2008

A Plier

Can you imagine this hitting you while traveling the interstate at 60 miles an hour and a pair of pliers falls off the vehicle in front of you and embeds itself in your bumper? Thank heavens it was not in the windsheild!
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  1. tu as eut de la chance, cela a du te faire un choc en le découvrant.

    you had the chance, it's make you a shock in discovering.

  2. Thats your car? You are very lucky.

  3. Hi Neva, Oh my gosh!
    What a sharp "thing" that is! his can really break your front/back car when it hots you.... even on a slow gear. wow! They should nout allow those things, don't you think so to?

    Best wishes, from JoAn's D Eyes
    also WOOF greetings from Ios

  4. Well, that's just down right freaky! Glad no one was hurt!

  5. That could have been a whole lot worse!

  6. A really lucky break there. It could have been very nasty in the windshield. I see a lot of vehicles with stuff shifting about on the back and wonder why more accidents don’t happen.

  7. Yikes! Scary indeed.

    Someone could have been hurt if that landed elsewhere.

  8. Is that your car? What a freak accident! I've heard of rocks, but never flying pliers on the freeway. Definitely a conversation piece.


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