Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Dip in Lake Michigan

Somehow, one of the girls fell in.....it was a bit chilly for swimming today! They are definitely going to have a lot of stories to tell when they get home!
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  1. des fous courageux ;o))

    crazy brave ;o))

  2. I was very surprised when I saw the thumbnail, because that looked like the sea and Illinois is not on the coast... but I forgot lake Michigan! lol!

  3. heeh Neva,
    This water looks also chill to me Did you swim intehere? o way I wouldn't. I wait for their stories and pics too. How are you doing and how are the dogs?

    BTW: I posted some 'self'portraits from 'me' 4 a change:)come and see

    Greetings JoAnn's D eyes

  4. Best wishes for you Neva,

    and esspecially for BIL!

    Hug and take care:)

  5. Ooooh! Cold! Glad they made it out of the lake okay!

  6. Oh no! That is never a good look - wet to the skin in your clothes! And damp the rest of the day. At least she'll remember her day at the Lake!

  7. that explains the attire lols. great shot thou.

    sorry for not visiting sooner. just had a weeklong vacation and the work just piled-up. i'll catch-up on my readings/blog-hops once my sched returns to normal. have a nice day friend.

  8. Must have been even mor chilly afterwards with her wet clothes! But, as you say, she will remember and it makes a good story!


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