Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The President's Reception

This is the President's home at the University of Illinois and he opens if for the graduates.....there were thousands invited but you couldn't tell it from this photo! A crummy weather day....rain and wind and cold....but we made it through the day!


  1. Looks a beautiful house! Probably many people inside... ;)
    Have a great week!

    BTW: Are you a Casablanca?

  2. Open for graduates?.........party!

  3. Thats a neat place for sure Neva..
    Thank you for you kind comment.. I am feel better today, seems it was a summer cold, but boy it knocked me off my feet.

  4. i love the look of this stately home, and the rainy weather is just fine for me - we don't get enough rain in hania where i live

  5. Neva, y'all should have driven up to the door in a limo! Just kidding. I rode the bus over to my sons' last night to let their cats in for the night and saw perhaps a dozen limos in and around downtown--another prom night, no doubt.


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