Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Best in Show

(If you click to enlarge these you can really see the detail.)
I told you I would show you the "best in show" from the student's art show.....I really like the detail in the President's purchase award (there is a fund from the President(of the school!) where they pay the student for their art if they are chosen and the art piece is hung at the school...actually in front of the library where I work!. The best in show was voted on by the local art teachers from the different schools in the area. I had to ask why this one won as I was not that impressed with it and the answer is it is done all with charcoal -- a medium that is difficult to work with ...and this is a 14 year old...ok, I still didn't get it! but it is what it is!! Hope you enjoy the show!


  1. les sélections sont très belles.

    selections are very beautiful.

  2. Hi Neva
    I'm like you with art, it as to say something to me or as you say.. I have to 'get' it.... saying that I liked the bottom one the best... but I am sure that many others will disagree.

  3. Both worthy winners, but I liked the top one best.

  4. Neva,

    They had better be glad that I'm not judging!!! As an art historian/possible future art critic, I couldn't imagine picking something by merit of medium alone, or judging one particular medium about the other. Art is about how an image speaks to you, not how hard it is to make the image. The process is secondary to the aesthetic value. I still vote for that cute little overlooked, brightly colored boat. Color theory is more difficult to learn than gradation any day.


    P.s. I wonder if the image on top was done from a photograph? The detail is too much for it to have been done outside.


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