Thursday, March 13, 2008

Civic Opera House

I was downtown Chicago last night and passed right by the Civic Opera House, which is on the Chicago River.

The Civic Opera House is an opera house located at 20 North Wacker Drive in Chicago. It is part of a building which contains a 45-story office tower and two 22-story wings. This structure opened on November 4, 1929 and has an Art Deco and Art Nouveau interior.

Its opera house has 3,563-seats, making it the second-largest opera auditorium in North America. While built for the Chicago Civic Opera, it was purchased by and is the permanent home of the Chicago Lyric Opera.


  1. Beautitul the Civic Opera House and the river! Nice photo, Neva!

  2. It's very beautiful the Civic Opera House. And the whole set around it.

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  3. It's too bad that the opera house was built when buildings "turned their back" on the river. It is a wonderful auditorium, though. And boy, does the river look quiet this time of year!

  4. Beautiful looking building. Chicago looks like a very interesting city. I'd love to go there sometime

  5. Nice looking building. The size of the seating is huge. Have you ever seen a show there?

  6. Chicago has a beautiful Opera House. Now it needs a nice gondolier!

  7. Gotta love opera houses - that's a HUGE capacity!

  8. That is a beautiful building. I always think a city with a river is very charming.


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