Sunday, February 10, 2008

A different view

Another view of our town hall from the road and with snow.


  1. Hi Neva.. you've certainly had snow... you must be getting fed up of it by now.

  2. Thanks, Neva, for visiting my blog and leaving comments--I get a kick out of reading them and then find it interesting and fun to "pay back" the visit. Seeing all of your snow makes me even prouder that I live in this particular portion of Oregon, at this particular elevation.

  3. en effet, il y a une belle différence, je préfère la version sous la neige.

    Indeed, there is a great difference, I prefer the version in the snow.

  4. Brrrr..... looks real cold!

    Greetings from Toruń DP!

  5. Two different versions of the same, beautiful.
    With Images

  6. Thanks Neva for dropping by. You are right... you do have a lot of snow like I do... but I'm hoping mine will melt soon... I am so tired of the snow. I want spring to come now.
    Hope to see you around again!
    The Rockies


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