Wednesday, January 7, 2009

snow at night

Practicing my night shots.....on .......SNOW...Yep...snowed again last night...I really like the snow so I am not REALLY complaining. It is just that our state seems to have run out of funds-for salt (you have heard of our Governor, Rod Blogoveich, right?) -or maybe it is the paying of the snowplow driving is difficult (they could buy cinders or some biodegradable stuff I think -we live in the NORTH for crying out loud). When you live in a climate like Chicago or the North, one expects snow and the whining about it does not one whit of good so you get used to is the lack of salt-and plowing- that I find annoying....oh yeah, and the embarrassment of our governor.
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  1. I grew up when there was no salt for roads and no trucks with snow plows so going somewhere was a risk you took. People did throw coal cinders at intersections so people could stop but that was it. The state and local governments did nothing.

    I still have the old blogs but I also have new ones Abe Lincoln Blogs and also look at Abraham Lincoln's Blog

  2. belle photo, on sent les flocons, j'adore la neige et tu dois en avoir beaucoup

    beautiful photo, sent flakes, I love snow and you have to have a lot

  3. Well, I see you have started to push all those manual buttons!
    Well done here.

    No funds in your State?
    wow ... are you worse than my country or what?

  4. Great night/snow photo. The snow here is all but melted, though it is still bitterly cold.

    It wasn't so good for them to run out of money, so no salt. I can imagine its not only annoying but dangerous. They have used so much grit and salt on the snowy roads here that the road surface on one of the motorways has started to erode! Whoops!

  5. Your night snow shots looks really nice!!
    Be careful out there because no salt on the roads can be so dangerous...
    it's silly about the funding... sheesh!

  6. We received quite a snow covering overnight too. It has turned to freezing rain now - and they won't use salt where we live in the country - not good for the wells.

    Time to stay home, too!

  7. Nice shot, Neva. I hope I don't get to take any more snow photos this winter, but I'll always enjoy looking at anyone else's!

  8. I'm back. I can't get the link to the doggies to work, the link you left in your comment at my blog.

  9. I recognize both the picture and the situation. Some politicians think that they can "budget-cut" the snow away. Here on the coast, the winter is an on-off situation: Snow > rain > ice > nothing > snow..... Result? Broken bones etc etc...

  10. Here we only have snow in the north of the country for a few days in winter.
    Today, no snow, but its freezing everywhere! I know this must be 'peanuts' for you who are used to the cold, but for us it is too much! :-)))

  11. DO people go out at night in the snow?

    I'd be in bed!

  12. I love the tree - great shot - take care


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