Friday, January 30, 2009

Smart Car

The first time I saw one of these, I was in Paris, France and could not believe how tiny they were. It is not very often I see one here and more interesting, turns out I work with the owner of this car....usually she walks to work but as you can tell from the photo....not a good day for a stroll yesterday!
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  1. elle est mignonne, mais on dirait un jouet (un jouet très cher quand même ;o) )

    it's cute, but it looks like a toy (a toy still very expensive ;o) )

  2. Its like a little mini ice skate!

  3. I'll bet they are good on ice ... We have seeing several lately in Greenville.

  4. Interesting! In India, we have a small battery operated car that is called Reva.

  5. I drive a Smart car, but I have the roadster version, which they no longer build.
    I too saw my first Smart in Paris, France on a photoshoot on the Boulevard Clichy there was a model getting in and out under the photographer umberellas it was summer 1997.
    My car is the most commented on by strangers in car parks that I have ever had.

  6. When my wife and I were in Paris in 2003, she took all of these photos of smart cars, because she'd never seen one before and thought that they were so special.

    I swear that we saw a good dozen in the week after we were back in Australia!


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