Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Vet

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My vet is a holistic, acupuncturist, chiropractic veterinarian. She lives not too far from me in an unincorporated town with 5 acre minimum parcels. She is a large animal vet first and takes in horses that are abandoned (how does one abandon a horse? not like dumping a cat or dog out in the country I imagine!)...she has 24 horses.....she is also a cat rescue and I guess a dog rescue as well as there are about , oh I don't know ....MANY dogs.....15 at one count. Clancy, the black lab, has hurt his knee and I am trying to avoid knee surgery for him. So we are out here every other day for therapy and let me tell you how much he loves it. The vet uses the little house off to the right in this photo as her clinic for small animals. There are currently 8 cats in residence. I was not sure Clancy would do well with the cats as he has never seen one. I figured it would be "lunch" for him...but he does not mind the cats as they literally walk all over him. The dogs on the other hand....not so much.....This is just around the corner from the house with the hidden Christmas lights!


  1. A holistic, acupuncturist vet--does she take human patients, too?:) I do hope the therapy helps Clancy to avoid knee surgery. A friend's dog had ACL surgery a couple months ago. I couldn't imagine how a dog could handle that, but she is doing quite well.

  2. si j'ai bien compris c'est pour les animaux ? acupuncteur pour les animaux, je savais pas que cela exister.
    as I understand it is for animals? acupuncture for animals, I did not know that it exists.


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