Friday, August 15, 2008

Sky watch Friday

This was done while up in the upper part of lower Michigan.....the lake you see is Lake Michigan. In one picture you can see 2 lakes...I will show that soon.
To enjoy all the skywatch photos check here and thanks to Tom for hosting this!
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  1. Have you ever been up to Copper Harbor? We went there a number of years ago when all the kids were still at home. A lovely drive in the fall.

    This is a beautiful photograph.


  2. ive done something here to have you a few cents!

  3. Fluffy white clouds like this usually mean its warm. If onlythat were the case here...I'll just have to make do with your great photo.

    Glad you liked the blue hair!

  4. I bet the weather was beautiful! Nice shot, Neva.

  5. Y'all had a great time, didn't you? Great photo.

  6. pretty picture..

    Do check out my Independence Day SkyWatch post here

  7. Gosh this is a lake I learnt about in Georgraphy lessons - now i feel i've actually been there!!!!

  8. It`s so beautifully familiar landscape you have there!
    Hopefully you have had more this kind of sky during the summer than we have!
    I don`t remember as rainy summer as this has been.

    Have a happy weekend!

  9. Looks like we agree, a great day for the lake.

  10. Very nice picture. My daughter stayed with a family in Ohio last year, and they have a nice little cabin near on of the lakes. Pretty place! Nice weekend to you:)

  11. That's the kind of shot that makes me think of holidays. Lovely.

  12. Terrific view of Lake Michigan! Great photo!

  13. This could be my nautre reserve. Lovely natural shot.

  14. Heeh dear Neva,
    How are you doggies doing? Ios says Hello/Woof!
    I love this shot would love to see more of the 2 lakes... Happy swf

    Wishing you a good weekend:)
    JoAnn's D Eyes

    Please come and see my SWF and blog


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