Tuesday, August 5, 2008

ABC Wednesday C is for CatTails

It is ABC Wednesday again. Check out all the participants here!These are on a trail near where we stayed.....they are ENORMOUS!!


  1. une vraie foret amazonienne, il faut y aller avec un coupe-coupe.

    a real rainforest, we must go there with a cut-cut.

  2. Hi Neva - yes they are very big - do they make you itch????

  3. Hi Neva,
    How was your vacation? Thanks for visiting my blog, we are still in FRANCE and thanks for asking about my shoulder , its still recovering and very slooooow!

    Bye JoAnn

  4. A unique ABC Wednesday post, Neva. Those shots of the lake are lovely, and unique, too!

  5. I enlarged the photo and it is so good - crystal clear! Great job!

  6. Love this. I'm always looking for a place to shoot cattails, but they seem to be past their prime around here now.


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