Thursday, August 28, 2008


My son has lived in Beijing for 4 years. He has sent me some great shots around and about during the Olympics. He told me he got to hold a silver medal in his hand and watch the closing ceremonies with a bunch of American athletes...his comment -"AWESOME". I hope you enjoy the shots I will share. (I will remind you that he is a very tall boy....6'8".....sorta stands out in this crowd!)


  1. Hey, a stand-out indeed! Lucky him and how generous of him to share his photos with you!

  2. Cool, I look forward to seeing the pics. What a once in a lifetime thing.

  3. How cool! I loved the Olympics, I'm sad they finished! I can't wait to see some of his photos :)

  4. Uh, at 6'8," do they call him 'Shorty' in Beijing? ;-)

    Mme. la Vache was born and raised in China, but lived in Japan for 15 years before meeting and marrying "Louis."

  5. Wow, how lucky is he. Once in a lifetime event and he got to experience it. Is this the same son that went to SF with you?

  6. il en a de la chance, cela doit être un pays magnifique à découvrir.

    he is lucky, this should be a beautiful country to be discovered.

  7. Greg looks great!! Also, happy.
    It is good to see him even in a photo--in person would be better.
    I feel fortunate to be here to see all the grandchildren making great lives for themselves. Proud Mamaw!!

  8. Avcr8eur, nope, not the same son....The son you saw was son # 2 and this son is son # birth order of course!!!

  9. I actually got hooked on the Olympics after saying I wouldn't. 6'8" Wow! that is tall.

  10. Wow! Just great! You son looks very handsome! I am looking forward to see the photos!

  11. Great post and photos. Lucky son.

    I enjoyed my visit.

    If you are keeping track,
    Alaska Sunday is posted.
    It's the trip log with some new photos.
    To see the post, Click here.
    Troy and Martha


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