Tuesday, December 4, 2007

An Inverness Christmas House

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A beautiful display of lights.


  1. A beautiful home with tastefully done decorations. My wife and I differ on what Christmas decorations should be. Personally I like a minimalistic approach with candles in the windows or white lights. While my wife loves the multiple colored lights which flash.

  2. de belles illuminations sur cette maison.

    Beautiful lights on the house.

  3. I remember the decorations from another post.. it's a nice sight to have at this time of year..

  4. Neva, you should see what some people are doing in some Boston neighborhoods. In two particular cases, it's just plain ridiculous. One guy has set up a light show with 500,000 lights (yes, that's five zeros). TV crews from all over the country have been covering this insanity. I'm thinking of featuring some Christmas displays on my blog. If I do, I'll post a picture of this half a million lights house. Can you imagine living right across the street from that? The electric company had to upgrade the boxes because they were afraid this guy would fry the entire neighborhood! LOL!!!

  5. Hi Neva, Looks like the house of my canadian aunt, they have their houses alos decorated like this, we do not have that yet, first "Sinterklaas"

    I showed today something really DUTCH, we celebrate it mostly for the children a "Sinterklaas" evening with presents and sweet candies, The Sinterklaas and his helpers are all dressed up for the children, come and see:)

    Greetings see you:) JoAnn

  6. A nice and beautiful house.

    Neva, I am no longer on PORTUGUESEMANOFWAR.
    Decided I needed to have a blog alone, so now I'm on NOTASECRETBLOG.BLOGSPOT.COM.
    Would be glad to see around.

  7. Ha! It looks more like a castle to me.

    I'd hate to see their December lighting bill, but it does make a good photo.


  8. That's a very pretty house. I bet it's lovelier when dark falls.

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  9. well that's a relief from the pressure, I mean decorating is fine, but you don't want to go all out and miss out on all the real fun...now go and put up up your feet and sip your hot cocoa...

  10. Pretty house and decoration, yes!

  11. What a waste of money and electricity. So sad to see how artificial Christmas has become. That's one thing I like about Poland...Christmas is still about the true meaning...religion.

  12. Our local council is running a competition for the best-decorated house for Christmas - at the same time in the name of energy-conservation they are dimming the street-lighting!

  13. What a huge house! It is pretty though.


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