Monday, December 10, 2007

An Advent Wreath

This is the Advent Wreath at the school where I work. I have mentioned I work at a Catholic High School, right?
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  1. Give respect, get respect... words of wisdom those.
    How are you and that finger of yours?

  2. Pretty Advent Wreath!

    Hope you aren't getting this winter storm that I see on the news!!!

  3. That sign is so true.

    Today, take a ride on Santa's Railroad car sleigh.

  4. Hi Neva,
    Yes you named it that you work on a catholic High School, and YES give everybody respect, than you get respect also in return! Even if you get no respect give it anyhow to others...I like that as THE most important RULE in life....

    Look /visit my blog and see if the swaens landed or not? I also changed my header again,

    Have a wonderfull day:)

  5. Ahhhh, now I see! I'm reading backwards.

    Our H.S. which I mentioned in the next comments, is a Catholic H. S. too. Where it is still allowed to show such things. And to have such wonderful banners up also. {I take it that your school mascot is a Lion.}

    Thankfully, there are still some places in education, where POLITICAL CORRECTNESS has not beem allowed to take control!!!!

    Btw, I am an Agnostic. I do not push any religion. Neither do I feel the "P.C. Brigade" has the right to negate traditional things, such as long-held Holidays.



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