Thursday, December 6, 2007

An amazing RV

I passed this last night and I can honestly say that I have never seen an RV decorated for Christmas before....of course it was on an RV lot but caught my eye....Thanks to Ming the Merciless for giving me the info on how to do night shots with my little point and shoot....I still need practice but I did get this one!
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  1. Cool photo! I have never seen an RV with Christmas decorations either. But now I have.

    Have fun with the night shots. I normally take 10-15 shots to get one nice one. :-)

  2. :) Some people get in the spirit, others get carried away by it. Decorating an RV is beyond my comprehension, but then, it's just me.

  3. j'aime beaucoup ce camion avec des illuminations de noel, quand on en rencontre sur la route c'est sympathique

    I love this truck with Christmas lights, when it meets on the road is nice

  4. Great, thats the the Christmas spirit.

  5. Miss Neva,

    In our blog United in my photo of the Christmas tree, theres now a link were you can see the tree in a web camera, try to see the images, at night is fantastic.

  6. Well do the fact that we have a a Rv and have in the past taken some trips at christmas time.There is a lot of Rver's that live in there Rv's fulltime. They will decorate there rv's for the holiday season. It's there home.
    If and when we sell our motel, our intentions are to also live in our rv and travel the USA A lifestyle that is not for everyone, but a lot of Babyboomers are now doing it.

  7. The shot has come out well. Interesting to see a decorated rv.


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