Friday, December 14, 2007

Another Inverness house


Another beautifully decorated house.
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  1. We put up our lights and tree today but they aren't this flash - how super!!

  2. I don't have lights up on the outside either. Nice warm photo.

  3. Our tree is now up, and the window lights, we don't decorate outside.
    I was driving home this evening and saw one or two beautifully done. I'm glad that some do and some don't.. Neva I'm sure your lights shine for within... just like you do.

    You Old Blog Buddy

  4. Hi neva, Fantastic how welldone by this people and lots of work to do so.... Do you like Xmas decoration?

    Come and look at my blog and see my alternative christmas decoration. Have a great weekend!

    JoAnn greetings,

  5. That's very pretty. It seems to be very cold in Inverness. It snowed in Montpellier today :-)) but not for long.


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