Sunday, November 25, 2007


I spent 12 hours Sunday in the car driving from Illinois to Dayton, Ohio to pick up my daughter who had lost her ride home and she needed to get back to school. This is what you see when you come from Indiana into Ohio.
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  1. That's a long drive! But, I guess it's cheaper than flying. I've never been to Ohio so thanks for taking a picture of the border crossing. :)

  2. Oh good grief! Driving for 12 hours! You are a dedicated momma. But yes, I know, there are things we have to do.

    Btw, if you have a minute, would you go see our "Grand Doggies," over on another blog of mine, please? :-) If you go here and scroll down, you'll see 'Ruby' and 'Summer.' :-) We had family Thanksgiving at their house.


  3. It looks like the weather held for you. That's a relief. That's a nice looking arch-y bridge.


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