Sunday, November 11, 2007

A frosty Inverness morning

The 3 trees down near the street are the Mountain Ash. I will miss them when they go but we are not going to cut them down until they are gone. I have neighbor who is trying to save his trees and spending a lot of money on pesticides I'm sure. I think it is a lost cause. The Ash borer will get them anyway. There are no Elm trees left due to Dutch elm disease. I don't imagine the Mountain Ash will fare any better. Clancy was off on a mission on this frosty morning....He has figured out the electric fence(where he can go without getting zapped) so he was feeling pretty bold today.
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  1. Good Monday, Neva!

    I was looking at your post today and wondering , why you are worried about mountain ash, they are such a strong trees even here, but then I read about this insect. Quite frightening!
    Hopefully Mountain ashes will survive!

    Have a nice week!

  2. I'm glad the electric fence wont sap Clancy, it made my eyes water just thinking about it.
    It looks to be a frosty morning, and is that your shadow on the left? I have took many pictures where my shadow seems to make an attempt to get in frame...

  3. I'm with Tom... is that your shadow tring to het into the frame?
    By the way, Simon is really a big lad.

  4. Thanks for the link. I read that the ash borer is a fairly recent arrival in the US (2002). What a shame when you have to cut down trees. We had to cut down our mango tree last year. It was there for more than 40 years. I don't know the name of what infested it. The year before that our neighbors had to cut down their mango tree.

  5. Ohhh he is a *smarty-pants* hu? A gap in the fence-less fence!

    Some years ago we in this area, lost many trees. Don't remember which they were. I'll have to ask and refresh my memory. Sad. Sad. Sad.


  6. What a beautiful area, Neva! You live in a wonderful neighborhood!


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