Wednesday, June 17, 2009

An unusual bouquet

I was at the Hyatt Reniassance Hotel(by O'Hare airport) for an event and I saw a few interesting things....this was the first one.....I am assuming it was for a wedding and this was the bride and groom's car/destination. I will admit to never having seen flowers like this on a car before but I will tell you this...they sure smelled lovely! No expense was spared if one is putting Calla Lilies on a CAR!
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  1. That's a very royal looking bouquet. Better than a trail of tin cans!

  2. Hopefully the expense was worth it and the couple stays married for years and years! It's such a romantic idea but I bet it would fall apart at high speeds.

  3. cela fait un super et original vase pour les fleurs ;o)

    this is a great and original vase for flowers ;o)

  4. Great photo! I know you were so happy that you had your camera with you. At first glance the bouquet reminded me of the sprays of roses that adorn all of the horses ridden by the various queens of this rodeo or that 4H or some such in the Rose Festival parade here in Portland. They're situated on the horse's rump, right behind the saddle where the sort of gently wiggle as the horses walk along the parade route.

    Can't wait to see the other interesting things.

  5. Lovely flowers and they match the car. Hmmm, I wonder is it legal to block the license plate.


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