Thursday, June 18, 2009

An Indian Wedding

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(I apologize in advance for the blurry photo but I was on the escalator when I snapped this with my Iphone.)While at the Hyatt, I saw this Indian couple throughout the day, actually. The bride never seemed happy all 4 times I saw her....but this one cracked me up. While the photographer was trying very hard to pose the bride and groom -like the tapestry behind them- the groom totally ignored him so he could answer his cell phone. Now I ask you, who do you suppose was calling him if he was at his wedding? Wouldn't all his friends and family know he was a bit busy???? Look at the bride's face. NOT a happy camper.


  1. No one should be that important to talk to on the cell at your wedding. I think I would have left him there. LOL.

  2. Certainly not happy like the tapestry in the background. Nice wedding dress nevertheless. The groom is probably answer calls from well-wishers.

  3. Oh goodness. I feel sorry for the bride already!

    I love Indian clothes though, and these look fabulous!


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