Tuesday, June 30, 2009

soda anyone?

I guess even in India, kids will always love soda pop! Although, I have discovered that most Europeans and Asians are NOT a fan of our American Root Beer. Must be an acquired taste!
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  1. un beau portrait, j'aime bien cette photo de cet enfant
    a nice portrait, I like this photograph of this child well

  2. Congratulations to your daughter! Her India shots are gorgeous! I've been there twice and I know how tempted we are to photograph everything!

  3. Probably because of all that sugar. But nothing beats a cold class of water on a hot day, although it would probably be hard to convince any kid of that!

  4. Nice shot that tells a story. I went to the Coke factory in Atlanta and you could try sodas from different countries.

  5. This is another impressive photo. I am wondering what the children were looking at so that they didn't pay attention to your daughter while taking their photo.

  6. Hi Neva! Great shot! Shanon must have some tonns of pics after so many months in India!!

    Blogtrotter is anticipating the 4th of July fireworks; but in a different country... ;) Have a great weekend (or vacation, should you have that chance...)!


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