Thursday, February 19, 2009

A little bit lost

Occasionally, I will walk through old cemeteries (I admit I have mostly done this with my Mother in law or grandfather). There is one in my neighborhood that I have visited a time or two-it has the same last name AS my MIL- but I hate to go there because it is always locked so I feel like I am a criminal while there. It has not been used (as in any one buried there) for over 60 years (I think that is what I read). This monument is in the cemetery from yesterday. A very small, cemetery near where we used to live. This seems to be a child's grave but I could find no legible writing on it. There is a plaque but I couldn't make it out.
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  1. Very strange.....
    Where I was in Connecticut there were a lot of very old cemeteries dating back to the 17th and the 18th centuries. There were small and located in the middle of towns. I did not mind them at all. They were very beautiful most of the time.

  2. Really... unusual! I've never seen anything similar to this...

  3. Can't say it's a place I like to visit but in Portugal we don't have the tradition of those graveyards with a look of garden; ours are heavy, full of crosses and marble ...

    This is quite an unique piece of art also to be shown in a grave.

  4. Here's what Google came up with on this marker "JULITO - 6/21/1976 - 1/11/1982 - Not sure if this is the first name of the last - it
    is a unusual stone that looks like a rock and has a statue of a boy with a puppy sitting
    next to him. It also says Love, MOMMY".

    My camera club friend loves to photograph grave sites. I always feel odd when I'm there with him as if I'm invading a family's privacy.

  5. Thanks for looking! I had no idea one could actually look up graves.....the internet is an amazing tool....and THIS is why I LOVE blogging! Thanks Karen.


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