Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I assume that after our expected high of almost 60 today, the snow will ALL be gone. My neighbors have not removed their Christmas decorations as the snow has been too high to get the ladder out.....I don't mind looking at their wreath until warmer weather......
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  1. Quite a few people around here take off the last Christmas decorations when they suddenly realize that... it's Easter!

  2. c'est bien un pays ou c'est toujours noël ;o)

    is nice a country where Christmas is always ;o)

  3. haha what a cute post Neva,

    Well eeeeh christmas lights are VERY cosy and maybe therefore poeple (your neighbours) like to hold on to some decoratiuon, I remove all the C-stuffs as soon as it is January,

    The snow..... Yeh thats a different story.. I like snow, when its not too much haha. we have in HOLLAND not that much snow as in your countrie , so if I can... I hold on to snow and the snowpictures... the same for skating... we wwere not able to do that for 10 years...

    And thanks for asking, My mom is after 7 weeks of hospital (heartsurgery) finally home, she is still weak but recovery takes always a lot of time, she is 83 years old, a very sweet woman, so I am glad she's home now:)


    also greetings for your dogs from my dog IOS/woof!

  4. This looks spookily like the place I live. How odd.


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