Monday, February 9, 2009

Mostly gone

The snow is mostly melted. This is the front of our house, sideways as it were.....
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  1. la fin de la neige, la nature reprend le dessus, cela sent le printemps

  2. Hello Neva, long time, no see! :(
    Sorry about that.

    So the snow is now melting?
    Guess the miracle of life is on it's way, no?

    Rain and wind around here ... for almost a month now.

  3. That's how ours is looking too.

    Carol tagged me so I am tagging you. Hope you can play along. Here's the rules, you simply post your sixth picture from your sixth file, then tag six others. My photo is on my blog here:

  4. Ours had mostly gone too, but now it is snowing hard (10pm). Maybe another day at home tomorrow :)

  5. Almost gone? That means its time for more.


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